With the exception of consultations for children under 16 and pensioners over 75, we are not a bulk billing practice. Our charges are in line with or better than most other professional services, including lawyers, accountants, dentists, veterinarians etc.

Simpler, Easier Payment of Medical Bills

We have simplified payment of consultation fees using Medicare Easyclaim, a computer-assisted, on site rebate claims service.

We request payment in full on the day of your consultation. After payment is made, we can immediately process an on-the-spot refund from Medicare into your savings or cheque account. Please note that you will need to bring an EFT card linked to your savings or cheque account in order to use this service.

GP Consultation Rates

The gap fee is for consultations in normal hours. Charges are as follows:

  • Full Private: standard consultation $36.20 / long consultation $36.20
  • Health Care Card & Pensioners under 75: standard consultation $16.20 / long consultation $16.20
  • Pensioners over 75 are bulk billed
  • Children under 16 are bulk billed

Patients will never be turned away because of financial difficulties. For consideration please talk to your doctor.

Specialist and Non-GP fees

Please note that the fees above refer to general practitioner consultations only. Visiting medical specialists and non-GP health providers (physiotherapists, psychologists) use a different fee structure. Please enquire about this when you call for an appointment.

Extra costs

If you undergo a medical procedure, you may be liable for extra fees such as:

  • treatment room fee
  • dressings
  • suture packs