Dr Subrata Saha


Dr. Saha is a distinguished graduate from Chittagong Medical College, affiliated with the University of Chittagong in 1991. His journey in the medical field began in Bangladesh, where he served as a dedicated General Practitioner before venturing to Australia. His commitment to advancing his knowledge led him to pursue a postgraduate degree in medical science in 2004 from RMIT, propelling him into the role of a respected medical scientist at Eastern Health Victoria.

In 2009, Dr. Saha achieved his AMC certificate, marking the initiation of his medical career at Eastern Health, where he diligently served before embarking on General Practitioner training at Wonthaggi in 2013.

Throughout his career, Dr. Saha has showcased his versatility, excelling in various disciplines, with a passion for Emergencies, Paediatrics, Men’s health, Women’s health, Skin cancer, Minor procedures, Preventative health, and Travel health.

Known for his ambition, diligence, and reliability, Dr. Saha possesses exemplary communication skills, fostering strong relationships with colleagues and the community alike. While he exhibits confidence in his decision-making, Dr. Saha remains humble, always willing to seek guidance from his experienced peers. His relentless drive for self-improvement and adaptability to change are evident in his continuous pursuit of excellence.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Dr. Saha finds fulfillment in his love for music, sports such as Cricket, Table Tennis, Soccer, and Australian Rules Football, socialising, staying informed about current events, exploring new destinations with his family, and showcasing his culinary talents in the kitchen.

Areas of interest

  • General practice
  • Emergency medicine
  • Paediatrics
  • Men’s health
  • Women’s health
  • Skin cancer
  • Minor procedures
  • Preventative health
  • Travel health

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